Voyageur’s Corporate Strategy

Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (“Voyageur or the Company”) is implementing a strategic path forward that will allow it to become a low-cost producer in the radiology pharmaceutical industry. This strategy is named “From The Earth To The Bottle”.

Stage 1:

  • Use third party manufacturing companies and third-party ingredients to manufacture generic barium and iodine radiographic contrast media products.
  • Register products under Health Canada, FDA and worldwide standards
  • Begin internacional sales

Stage 2:

  • Build a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) barium contrast plant, to process barium sulfate from Voyageur 100% owned barium sulfate project, Frances Creek.
  • Begin production on its 100% owned Frances Creek (“FC”) pharmaceutical grade barium sulfate property.
  • Use low-cost FC barium as the main ingredient in our contrast.
  • Sell excess production of Voyageur’s FC barium sulfate to the industrial market for increased revenues
  • Begin development of iodine contrast business segment.

Stage 3:

  • Complete R&D on creating a low cost method to extract iodine from brine water and create iodine contrast media products
  • Build iodine extraction and iodine contrast media manufacturing facilities.
  • Implement full integration and complete the Company’s “From The Earth To The Bottle” strategy
  • Accelerate growth by selling low-cost products into the health care market


Voyageur’s “ From The Earth To The Bottle” strategy is a one of a kind business model in the contrast media market today.  Currently the industry relies on an expensive man-made synthetic barium sulfate API to supply the current market demands, China’s restricts the amount of natural barite exported. Similarly with iodine, two-thirds of the worldwide supply comes from Chile and twenty five percent of this is used for contrast media. The outcome of this is that the contrast media supply chain can be easily disrupted by geopolitical upheaval.

Voyageur goal is to create a stable North American supply chain, ensuring patient procedures are not delayed because these vital supplies are not available.

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