Corporate Strategy

Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Ltd.  is implementing a strategic path forward with the intention of building a local and stable supply chain for the medical imaging industry, initially with core contrast media products and then developing next generation formulations for the 21st century. This strategy is named “From The Earth To The Bottle”.

Stage 1

  • Use third party sourced materials and manufacturing companies to develop and produce generic barium and iodine radiographic contrast media products.
  • Register products worldwide starting with Health Canada, FDA and worldwide standards.
  • Initiate commercialization.

Stage 2

  • Build a cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility to process barium sulfate from Voyageur’s 100% owned barium sulfate asset, Frances Creek (FC).
  • Begin production of barium sulfate contrast media using our own pharmaceutical grade API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) at our own manufacturing plant, incorporating the innovative Rain Cage carbon-capture technology in line with our sustainability goals.
  • Commercialize excess production of Frances Creek barium sulfate to the industrial market.
  • Begin development of iodine contrast media initiatives.

Stage 3

  • Complete R&D on creating a low cost method to extract iodine from brine water to create iodine contrast media products.
  • Build iodine extraction and iodine contrast media manufacturing facilities.
  • Implement full integration and complete the Company’s “From The Earth To The Bottle” strategy.
  • Expand barium sulfate commercialization worldwide.
  • Registration of contrast media portfolio.
  • Initiate commercialization of iodinated contrast media products.


The vertical integration to be achieved by Voyageur’s “From The Earth To The Bottle” strategy is a unique business model in the contrast media market today. Currently the industry relies on an expensive man-made synthetic barium sulfate API to supply market demands. Geopolitical issues have compromised the supply of natural raw materials and the outsourced overseas production of finished products, resulting in disruption to patient examinations and delayed diagnosis.

Voyageur’s goal is to create a stable international supply chain, based in North America, ensuring patient procedures are not delayed because these vital supplies are unavailable.

Information for Investors

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