Message from CEO, Mr. Brent Willis, Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (“Voyageur”)

Dear Voyageur Investor,

Having worked for over 30 years in the Barium space, one important fact stands out to me. To make a high grade (Pharmaceutical) deposit successful, a company must sell the mineral in its final form to the end user. This strategy eliminates all middlemen in the supply chain and reduces overall costs. Once this is accomplished, the company will receive the highest profit margin possible for that pharmaceutical mineral (API, active pharmaceutical ingredient). This increases the profitability of the project and increases the asset value of the mine. By creating  our own  100% fully integrated supply chain, we insulate our  company  from geopolitical risks and lower our over  all supply chain costs. This is the key aspect every investor looks for in a great company. Our motto “From The Earth To The  Bottle”, fully encompasses  this strategy. This is the  strategy that created Voyageur Pharmaceuticals.

Voyageur has taken the steps to realize the highest margin possible on our Frances Creek barium sulfate project. Selling the Frances Creek barium sulfate into the pharmaceutical industry – directly to the end user – will create substantial cash flow, based on a small mine production. When we started down the road of entering the pharmaceutical industry, we where presented with a few major challenges. One of the challenges, at our early stage, was how to finance and build an expensive Health Canada/FDA/GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) approved pharmaceutical plant?

We resolved this problem by finding a Calgary based manufacturing partner and international drug manufacturing  companies. We  are utilizing  third party manufacturing and  third party mineral ingredients to kick start our cash flow and solidify our projects. Once we are cash flowing we will develop our mineral resources and secure the  financing  necessary to build a large GMP pharmaceutical production facility. This  facility  will be  built so we can scale up to take over market share over time. By having  low cost ingredients in this space, we are poised to implement a significant growth strategy over the coming years.

We are entering a lucrative global radio-graphic industry. Because we own the only natural pharmaceutical grade barium sulfate project outside of  China, we have the  ability  to create high  growth in  this sector.  Once we begin  our fully integrated  sales strategy, by  owning  our  own ingredients, we believe we can  make a rapid penetrating thrust into these  markets.

In addition to marketing  our  generic drugs, we will  begin  to investigate developing new  drugs  and create  a pipeline of exciting new products. We are currently moving  forward with  our due  diligence on other potentially exciting drugs to add to our development program.

I hope investors will join us on our road to growth and prosperity. Our vision  is to build a  profitable company and we have begun to take the steps to accomplish our goals.  We continue to move our company forward towards a very bright future. I hope everyone looks at the challenges  we have overcome and the  milestones we are about to reach.

Thank you,
Brent Willis