“Lithium isn’t a bubble, it’s a fundamental change in energy usage.”



Voyageur owns the Robert’s Rupture lithium project and the Lithium King project located in Utah, USA. The industrial minerals found in this mineral rich brine compliments our barium sulphate (barite) assets. There are high concentrations of lithium, magnesium, boron, bromine and Iodine in the brine water.

Voyageur is exploring the opportunity to repeat its business strategy on the Frances Creek barium contrast project with Iodine production from Utah. By creating our own source of Iodine, our JV company ImagingX may be  able to become a very highly competitive company in the pharmaceutical Iodine contrast business. By having two contrast products, barium and iodine, will allow ImagingX to compete at all levels in the multi billion dollar contrast  market worldwide.

Lithium will be in very high demand within the emerging green energy revolution. We are convinced that the lithium bull market is in its infancy and that the EV market is poised for long term growth.

It is notable that only recently the Ford Motor Company stated that 40% of its lineup – over multiple products – will be fueled by electricity by 2020. We all know how ambitious Telsa has been to bring its EV line up to market and all the other major auto manufacturers and China are transitioning into the EV market place – LITHIUM IS IN PLAY.

“The massive wealth of the 20th century was all about the oil boom, but the 21st century is going to be about lithium as electric vehicles move in to replace traditional vehicles.” Richard Rossington Finance Monthly 

“There will be more EVs on offer than internal combustion engines 15 years from now” Mark Fields, CEO Ford Motor Company

“Forecast demand for lithium-ion batteries from passenger electric vehicles, consumer electronics and stationary storage is expected to increase up to seven fold by 2024” Industrial Minerals

Goldman Sachs has said, “for every 1% increase in battery electric vehicle (BEV) penetration, there is an increase in lithium demand by around 70k tonnes of LCE/year.”

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