Agustin Gago

Agustin is the Principal and General Manager Global Consulting at Dash International LLC, a company he established in 2013. With a substantial track record in the global commercialization of medical devices, capital equipment and pharmaceuticals, Agustin has over 30 years’ leadership experience developing successful teams and partnerships around the world. His background in chemical engineering led him to join E-Z-EM, the pioneer of modern barium sulfate contrast media, where he gained a deep understanding and working knowledge of the full product life cycle, from raw materials and manufacturing to supply chain demands across highly-regulated international markets. As head of Global GI Sales & Marketing he drove strategic and tactical business planning through subsidiaries and distributors to achieve sales penetration and growth in over 80 countries, prior to playing a lead executive role in the transfer of operations to the Bracco group during its acquisition of E-Z-EM. With the cross-over of medical imaging into every medical discipline, Agustin’s long career has encompassed an extensive range of diagnostic and interventional products used in radiology, cardiology, surgery and oncology. Known as a ‘rain maker’ to his business peers he has been invited to develop or turn around various medical start-ups and early commercial ventures, working closely with staff teams to drive pipelines and planning. Agustin’s international exposure has also resulted in a wide network of commercial and clinical contacts around the world. From within that network Agustin brings together a core team of specialist expertise for Dash International to deliver flexible consulting services, adaptable to the rigours of each stage of a new project.

DASH International LLC

Dash is a group of highly experienced clinical, business and marketing professionals that are able to provide an integrated solution throughout the business life cycle of medical devices, equipment and pharmaceuticals. Our team is comprised of ex-industry personnel who have worked closely with contrast media, being individually and collectively responsible for the development and international commercialization of product lines used in medical imaging. We are proud to be associated with leading clinicians who have partnered in developing products and techniques with some of the leading institutes and organizations, as well as having a network of business and marketing professionals with a solid background across many medical disciplines. The relationships we have developed over time in many critical areas are able to support companies seeking to enter into or expand new markets. Our network extends to R&D development, FDA and other regulatory organizations, clinical associations, procurement and overall business and commercial settings.

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